Mike's pick of the day... "Superstar " - Dave Ernst and The Early Favorites; the landscape of Americana music is loaded with all levels of talent; some rise to the top and embodies that genre . This release is an example of that rising to the top. Smartly written songs, tasty guitar, driving drum work and top notch musicians make this EP a must listen. I can't wait for the full length release. Very nice indeed. - Mike Logsdon WCHQ 100.9 


I am so glad I got to see your set. I look forward to the new album and to the next time you play Atlanta again. The songs are stuck in my head!  -  Jeff Siewert    Atlanta Grapevine Music 


So the first band I covered today was from Louisville Kentucky called Dave Ernst And The Early Favorites, whom have a highly anticipated album coming out, but as of now they have an EP out called Superstar. Mr. Frank Green on bass, Mr. Dave Coultas on guitar, Mr. Chris Fuller, Mr. Mike Nix, Mr. Scott Lankford on drums compose the Early Favorites, a damn fine rock, Americana and more….band. 

“Turned Away” was their first song they played which displayed some damn fine musicianship and a good blend of Kentucky Rock with other sounds. Followed up with a song called “Rocket Fuel” , this band is just bursting onto the scene here with not much video available or Spotify presence. So that means you’ll just have to go and check them out in person and buy the music. 

“Pallbearer” was next and that was my favorite song of their set along with song called “Tailfin” which got my attention being about classic cars. Their closing song was the title of their EP called “Superstar”. You’ll have to catch up with this band in the near future folks, and take my word for it…they have big time better days coming soon. - GaryHayesCountry.com